Healthy Shoreline Workshop on 6/17 from 6-7:30pm

We hope you can join us for our annual healthy shoreline workshop this Wednesday, June 17th from 6:00-7:30pm at the Winona Lake Senior Center.

TWF and WLPA Launch Healthy Shorelines Initiative

The Watershed Foundation in collaboration with Winona Lake Preservation Association is excited to announce the third year of an initiative that will help protect and improve water quality in Winona Lake!

The Healthy Shorelines Initiative provides grant assistance of up to $1,000 to homeowners for shoreline projects that improve water quality and shoreline habitat, while reducing erosion and decreasing runoff.

What are healthy shorelines?

The accepted norm on many of our lakes is to have a mowed lawn up to the edge of a concrete seawall.  Concrete seawalls are not natural or healthy for our lakes. In fact, they disrupt the critical ribbon of life on lake shorelines, create added wave action, and stir up the bottom sediments. Sedimentation is the suspension of nutrients and material in our lakes, which is one of the main reasons for algae growth, green muck and fish scarcity in our lakes.

Healthy shorelines (and adjacent lawns) have an abundance of plants both on the land and in the water. Glacial stone (or rock) seawalls are an improvement over concrete because they help slow wave action. Natural shorelines can also be incredibly beautiful and easy to maintain without interfering with recreation. 

Examples of potential projects under the TWF Healthy Shorelines Initiative:

  stone re-facing of concrete seawalls (pictured)

  bioengineered seawalls

  glacial stone seawalls

An informational workshop will be held Thursday, June 17th from 6-7:30pm at the Winona Lake Senior Center. Workshop participants will receive top priority in grant funding.

In order to be eligible, the project site must be located on Winona Lake, and the applicant must pay at least 25% of the total cost of the project. Payments will be made as a reimbursement. Applications will be available on the TWF website.

For more information and to register for the workshop contact Lyn Crighton at The Watershed Foundation at or 574-834-3242. For more information about Healthy Shorelines and how TWF takes action for healthy lakes visit and click “Take Action.”

Dam Project

Lake residents and visitors, many of you have noticed the recent rise in lake level. The DNR approved project began in January to repair the dam and replace most of the gates. Currently they are more than 50% complete. As of March 24th, they have started to lower the lake. In two weeks time, we expect the arrival of the new gates with another two weeks to complete the installation. Once the new gates are in place, in approximately one month, we expect the lake to rise back to summer level.

Update to Dreding Projecte from Alcona Dredge LLC

September 12, 2019

Dredging Update:

Alcona Dredge is in process of removing silt/sand material from 3 channels.  They are currently finishing up the second channel and will be moving to the the 3rd and final channel at the public boat launch in the next week or two thus reducing the amount of pipe on the lake.  The estimated time for project completion is the 2nd week of October.  We realize that this is later than the original projected end date of August.  The extended time is associated to the following: 

  1. Alcona was contracted to dredge the length of the channel(s) however, the opening of the channel(s) into the lake also contained a build up of material affecting the depth.  Alcona went ahead and dredged numerous feet of additional silk/sand to ensure smooth transition from the channel into the lake.
  2. There was a significant amount of vegetation in the channel(s) that was not previously accounted for thus cutting their productivity down by 60%.  After trying various techniques, Alcona used a cable and a truck to pull and cut the vegetation to return back to 100% productivity.
  3. Unforeseen dredge equipment repair causing a shut down for 1 week plus.
  4. Paused dredging during the holiday periods to reduce laker disruption

Reminder: Please do not drive boats across the pipe.  Boat entry/exit should be between the two orange buoys.

Thank your for your patience.