Update to Dreding Projecte from Alcona Dredge LLC

September 12, 2019

Dredging Update:

Alcona Dredge is in process of removing silt/sand material from 3 channels.  They are currently finishing up the second channel and will be moving to the the 3rd and final channel at the public boat launch in the next week or two thus reducing the amount of pipe on the lake.  The estimated time for project completion is the 2nd week of October.  We realize that this is later than the original projected end date of August.  The extended time is associated to the following: 

  1. Alcona was contracted to dredge the length of the channel(s) however, the opening of the channel(s) into the lake also contained a build up of material affecting the depth.  Alcona went ahead and dredged numerous feet of additional silk/sand to ensure smooth transition from the channel into the lake.
  2. There was a significant amount of vegetation in the channel(s) that was not previously accounted for thus cutting their productivity down by 60%.  After trying various techniques, Alcona used a cable and a truck to pull and cut the vegetation to return back to 100% productivity.
  3. Unforeseen dredge equipment repair causing a shut down for 1 week plus.
  4. Paused dredging during the holiday periods to reduce laker disruption

Reminder: Please do not drive boats across the pipe.  Boat entry/exit should be between the two orange buoys.

Thank your for your patience.