The Winona Lake Preservation Association and the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams invite you on an Ecotour of Winona Lake on June 29 from 7-9 pm!  You can join the tour with your friends or family from the safety of your own boat.  Dr. Nate Bosch will narrate the tour, and it will be broadcast on an FM radio station for your listening comfort.  You will be encouraged to text your own questions to him during the tour as well!  Learn to see your lake in new ways as you explore the surface to the deepest depths and the largest to the smallest plants and animals living in the middle.  Tour participants will learn about and experience for themselves the lake food chain, temperature layers, inflowing streams, surrounding wetlands, weeds and algae.

This event is kid-friendly (activity kits to be provided) and hands-on (be sure to pack your gear as instructed).  Please RSVP to receive additional details you will need at or via Facebook here.

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